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Report A "NON-EMERGENCY" Incident - You can submit an online request to report a "non-emergency" incident. Some examples of "non-emergency" incidents are: stolen property (larceny), intentional damage to personal or real property (vandalism), and break-ins that are not in progress (burglary). Once the request has been received for processing, you will receive a phone call within 48 hours from the Cleveland County (NC) Sheriff’s Office verifying your request. If it is found that a report is needed, one will be completed and you will be given an incident number. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, OR IF YOU NEED TO REPORT A RUNAWAY OR MISSING PERSON, PLEASE DIAL 911. The reporting of a false crime is illegal in the state of North Carolina under statute 14-225: False reports to law enforcement agencies or officers. Please be on notice that it is a misdemeanor to make any false, misleading, or unfounded report, through this website, that is intended to interfere with, hinder, or obstruct a law enforcement officer from doing his or her duties. Violators will be prosecuted.
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